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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) document routine or repetitive administrative and technical activities to facilitate consistency in the quality and integrity of the product or end-result.  SOPs will be developed and implemented for all routine procedures related to: monitoring and measurement; sample collection, handling, and preservation; data analysis; and inspection and maintenance of equipment. SOPs contain the main elements from the EPA Guidance for the Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures, March 2001 (EPA QA/G-6).

SOPs need to remain current, and as such will be reviewed on an annual basis.  Whenever procedures are changed, SOPs should be updated and re-approved.  This review shall be conducted by the AQMS utilizing such SOPs and approved by the Air Quality Manager (AQM) or Quality Assuarance Officer (QAO).  SOPs shall not be valid for a period of more than five years unless re-approved by appropriate management.

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)  2014  2015

QAPP Signature Page  2015

Quality Management Plan (QMP)  2014  2015

QMP Signature Page 2015

Current SOPs

SOPs Signed Signature Page & Table of Contents  2015

Ozone:  2014  2015

Carpenter-Nitrogen Oxides:  2014  2015

Near Road-Nitrogen Oxides:  2014  2015

Trace Level-Carbon Monoxide:  2014  2015

Trace Level-Sulfur Dioxide:  2014  2015

2025i Particulate Matter - PM2.5 & PM10:   2014  2015

2025B Particulate Matter - PM2.5 & PM10:   2014  2015

BAM Particulate Matter - PM2.5:   2014  2015

URG-3000N PM2.5 Speciation:  2014  Discontinued in 2015

SuperSASS PM2.5 Speciation:  2014  Discontinued 2015

Air Toxics:  2014  2015

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