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Forms & Resources

Requirements for Stationary Internal Combustion Engines

All owners or operators of a stationary internal combustion engine meeting the applicability criteria as outlined in Subpart IIII or Subpart JJJJ must submit a construction permit to Polk County - AQD.  The manufacturer's nameplate rated capacity at full load shall be defined as the brake horsepower output at the shaft.  All engines with a BHP ≥ 100 must submit a construction permit application.

If a facility determines it does not have the required permit for an engine, a complete construction permit application and notification must be submitted.

Operating Permit Forms

IWRC's Iowa Air Emission Assistance Program (IAEAP)

IWRC's web site

IWRC has developed materials for various NESHAP regulations to assist with compliance and training efforts.  The following will provide links to these forms and resources.

IWRC’s IAEAP has developed a compliance calendar, manual and leak detection monitoring tutorial for Dry Cleaners using perchloroethlyene.

EPA's National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) Links

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Construction Permit Forms

Air Dispersion Modeling -General Guidance

Open Burning Forms

Burn Permit Exemption & Fire Department Notification Information

Effective August 5, 2013- Public gatherings under the legitimate sponsorship of civic fraternal, religious, education or similar organization are not required to obtain a burn permit for these events located within parks that allow open burning.  However, a notification is required to the Air Quality Division and Fire Department having jurisdiction over the park. The notification form is provided below.

EPA Open Burning Links

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