Polk County Conservation

Departments and Staff



Richard Leopold Director


Doug Romig Deputy Director 515-323-5355

Loren Lown

Parks and Natural Areas Planning Administrator 515-323-5364
Cindy Lentz Administrative Supervisor 515-323-5371
Melissa Ritter Accounting Clerk/Accounts Payable 515-323-5236
Ginny Malcomson Accounting Clerk/Facility Reservationist 515-323-5370
Carol Ann Carlson Accountant 515-323-5300

Community Outreach

Kami Rankin Community Outreach Supervisor 515-323-5363
Pat Spain Planning and Outreach Coordinator 515-323-5280

Construction, Maintenance, and Operations Unit

Wayne Johnson Construction Maintenance Manager 515-323-5367
Gary Halbersma Construction Maintenance Supervisor 515-323-5343
Steve Haefner Construction Technician 515-323-5265
Bernard Feezell Construction Technician  
Stan Manning Special Services Technician 515-323-5357
George Lentz Equipment Maintenance Superintendent 515-323-5314
Ken Young Mechanic 515-323-5314
Luke Harshbarger Mechanic 515-323-5314
Tyler Naeve East Area Maintenance Technician 515-266-1563
Tim Wears North Area Maintenance Technician 515-323-5365
Chance Patrick South Area Maintenance Technician 515-285-7612

Natural Resources Unit

Mark Dungan Natural Resources Manager 515-323-5358
Doug Sheeley Natural Resources Supervisor 515-967-2596
Travis Maak Natural Resources Technician  
Chris Lunan Natural Resources Technician  
Shawn Warren Natural Resources Technician  
Dan Hrubes Natural Resources Technician 515-967-2596
Al Pasker Natural Resources Technician 515-967-4889
Lael Neal Natural Resources Worker 515-967-4889

Environmental Education

Patti Petersen-Keys Environmental Education Coordinator 515-323-5359
Heidi Anderson Naturalist 515-323-5360
Lewis Major Naturalist 515-323-5361
Joel Boyles Naturalist 515-323-5362
Lori Foresman-Kirpes Naturalist 515-323-5380

Parks Advocacy Unit

Michael Sledd Parks Superintendent 515-323-5366
Brian Herrstrom Ranger 515-967-4889
Dean Bruscher Ranger 515-285-7612
Charlie Finch Ranger 515-266-1563
Chris Clingan Assistant Ranger 515-323-5338
James Dotzler Assistant Ranger 515-285-7612

Jester Park Equestrian Center

Lela Mullen Equestrian Center Manager 515-999-2818
Liz Beatty Barn Supervisor 515-999-2818
Molly Mellinger Program Coordinator 515-999-2818
Kelsey Longnecker Riding Instructor 515-999-2818 

Jester Park Golf Course

Roy Michael Golf Professional  515-999-2903

Contact Us

Administration Office
11407 NW Jester Park Drive
Granger, IA 50109

P: (515) 323-5300
F: (515) 323-5354

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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