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Bow Hunter's Safety Course Field Day

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The Today's Bowhunter course is the official online bowhunter education course of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. The Today's Bowhunter online course includes topics such as conservation law, the 'unwritten law' of the bowhunter, facts on how an arrow harvests game, bowhunting safety, how to practice for bowhunting, lures, calls, scents, bowhunting methods, shot placement, and the responsibilities of being a bowhunter. The online course is a two part process and is designed for students twelve years of age or older. The first part involves the student using a computer to complete the knowledge based portion of the course and is completed on your own time. This portion of the course is in conjunction with the National Bowhunter Education Foundation who charges a fee to students using their service. The voucher of completion is valid for one year. The second part is a Field Day offered free of charge by a certified Bowhunter Education Volunteer Instructor. Both portions are required in order for the student to gain certification. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER FOR OR ATTEND A FIELD DAY CLASS UNLESS THEY HAVE COMPLETED THE ONLINE PORTION OF THE COURSE.

At a field day: Students must present to their instructor at the start of the Field Day (as evidence of completion), a hard copy of their Field Day Qualifier Certificate from the NBEF online course showing they have completed the course. They must successfully participate in practical testing and the demonstration of bow and arrow safety and hunting skills under the supervision of a certified instructor. This normally occurs outside, in actual hunting type areas and students should dress accordingly. Check with the instructors to see if they want you to bring bowhunting equipment to use during the field day. Students will have to pass with a minimum of 75% a comprehensive final written exam on the knowledge obtained from the online course and field day. 

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