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Monday, March 02, 2015



Request for Proposal

Iowa All Hazards Incident Management Team May 2015 Functional Exercise



1.1 Intent

A. The Polk County Emergency Management Commission in Iowa, hereafter known as the Commission, is soliciting proposals from firms with relevant experience to provide exercise design, execution, and evaluation services to test the capabilities of the Iowa All Hazards Incident Management Team, hereafter known as the Team or IMT. Iowa‟s IMT is a cadre of multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional professionals, activated to support incident management at large-scale or complex incidents, disasters or special events. The IMT has been developed to provide support to local officials who become overwhelmed during a long-lasting disaster event. The team serves in a support function. Through the local county emergency management agency, a local incident commander may request deployment of the IMT to perform incident support. The Fiscal Agent for the Team is Polk County Emergency Management Agency, which is governed by the Commission.

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL-Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



RFP 2015-01

Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Study


The LEPC has identified the need to create and update information regarding the types and amounts of hazardous materials being moved within and across Marshall, Polk and Story Counties.

The Commodity Flow Study will identify and quantify hazardous substances that are transported along the major highway and railway routes of the three counties. The collection of commodity flow information related to hazardous materials is expected to provide a clear picture of the potential threat posed by the transport of these substances across these counties as well as provide the LEPC with guidance in preparing for and responding to future hazmat disasters.

It is the intent in completing this study is to strengthen the planning and response capabilities across each county. Specifically, this study will, through visual aids, (e.g., maps, charts and/or graphs) and written text a) identify and classify hazardous commodities being transported; b) identify the transportation routes most likely to be used to transport specific hazardous substances; c) determine the types of unique transportation containers used in the transport of these materials; d) assess the potential impact of hazardous substances released along the identified transportation routes, especially high population areas and key vulnerable facilities; and e)provide guidance to emergency responders, hazmat teams and officials regarding specialized training and response equipment needs for each county and suggest specific preventative measures required to effectively respond to transportation-related hazardous substance emergencies.

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Sign up for CodeRED!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sign up for CodeRED if you have not done so already: http://www.polkcountyiowa.gov/emergency-management/emergency-preparedness/codered-automated-notification-system/

The CodeRED system may be used for significant incidents and events where the timely notification of an effected population or geographic area of the City/County is essential or highly desirable. It is capable of making 1200 phone calls a minute. Calls can be made in a radius around a given location, by streets, custom drawn areas or by contact groups.

Some examples of the types of incidents or events where the CodeRED system may be effective in notifying our citizens include the following: 

  • Environmental (Natural Disasters): Fires, Floods, Dangerous Water conditions, Water Safety Alerts, Dam/Levee Breaks
  • Search and Rescue: Missing Children, Missing Elderly, Missing Disabled, Evacuation Notices, Evacuation Routes
  • Crime: Prisoner Escape Warning, Neighborhood Crime Watch, Sexual Predator Alerts
  • Man-Made Disasters: Terrorism Threats, Bomb Threats, Nuclear Hazards, Bio Terrorism Threats, Chemical Spills, Hazardous Material Emergencies, Gas Leaks, Hostage Situations
  • Public Works: Drinking Water Contamination, Utility Outages, Street Closings, Public Notifications

Expect the numbers 1 (866) 419 5000 or 1 (855) 969 4636 to appear on your phone if you receive a call from CodeRED.

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