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Polk County has made a significant investment in electronic document management (EDM) in the last five years. The Polk County Information Technology division of General Services is responsible for designing, implementing and administering the various EDM projects throughout the Polk County enterprise.

In 2002, the Polk County Treasurer was looking to upgrade the imaging software that they were using to manage and store motor vehicle records. This request led to a collaborative effort to upgrade the Treasurer's system to a platform that could be utilized by other Polk County entities. The collaborative effort resulted in the selection of Westbrook Technologies "FORTIS" EDM product. FORTIS is a top-tier EDM solution that allows the offices and departments within Polk County to design a document management solution specific to their files and workflows while utilizing a County-Wide platform. Polk County uses a local vendor for implementation assistance and maintenance of the system and has multiple staff members in the Information Technology division who are trained as FORTIS administrators.

With FORTIS, Polk County has a scalable solution in place that can provide the following features:

  • Centralized databases for images
  • Pooling of concurrent licenses
  • Advanced audit trail and quality control options
  • Customized indexing and querying
  • Powerful search capabilities that can be tied to existing data schemes
  • Advanced document sharing including workflow routing, faxing and e-mail
  • Permissions based user groups to define access to files and documents
  • Advanced editing and annotation without modification of the original image

FORTIS provides Polk County with solutions to the following document management issues:

  • Management of multiple sized and conditioned original documents
  • Organization of an unlimited number of document types
  • Utilizing existing date to automate the indexing of documents
  • Vastly reduce retrieval time for files and documents
  • Eliminates lost and misfiled files and documents
  • Addresses disaster recovery with off-site storage of imaged data
  • Eliminates need for existing/additional floor space for document storage
  • Reduction of off-site document storage costs by scanning retrieved files

The Polk County Information Technology division of General Services is responsible for Project Management and Administration of existing and upcoming FORTIS implementations.

Existing Polk County FORTIS implementations:

  • Polk County Treasurer - 2002
  • Polk County Public Works - 2003
  • Polk County Attorney - 2003
  • Polk County Health - 2004
  • Polk County Planning - 2004
  • Polk County Auditor - 2005
  • Polk County Risk Management - 2006
  • Polk County Medical Examiner - (Fall 2006)
  • Polk County Human Resources - (Winter 2006/2007)
  • Polk County Sheriff - (Spring 2007)
  • Polk County Community & Family Services General Assistance - (Spring 2007)

Polk County FORTIS scheduled implementations:

  • None

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