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Asset Replacement Program

Over the years, Polk County has made a significant financial investment in its technology infrastructure. To keep pace with ongoing, rapid evolution in the computer industry, Polk County adopted an Asset Replacement (or Rollover) program in FY 2000/2001. Specific offices and departments are scheduled during each fiscal year - allowing the county to spread the cost of these equipment rollovers across a reasonable time frame.

The following types of equipment are included in the Rollover program:

  • Desktop computers (and monitors)
  • Laptop computers
  • Network printers
  • PDAs

Upgrades to the current Windows operating system are implemented as equipment is replaced. In addition, upgrades to other standard software packages (e-mail, Microsoft Office, etc.) are deployed during the Rollover.

Originally, the Rollover schedule was set up on a three year cycle. At the end of the third year, all departments and offices would have received new equipment. This corresponded with the industry standard warrant period of 3 years on most computing equipment. Beginning in FY 2003/2004, the schedule was extended to four years in length. In 2005, monitors were eliminated from the program, and are now replaced on an as-needed basis. Both measures were adopted to reduce annual costs.

Not all computing equipment is included in the Rollover Program. There are some pieces of technology that have a life expectancy extending well beyond four years. These items are addressed on an as-needed basis using budget reserves.

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