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Client/Server Development

The Client/Server Development staff enhances and maintains many small to medium scale applications. Most applications are written in VB.NET with SQL Server, however, there are some legacy applications written in VB 6 with Access. Typically, custom applications are only developed when an off-the-shelf software package is too expensive or does not meet the business needs of the requesting department or office.

In 2001, the Public Works department purchased software system called Tidemark. This system tracks and processes numerous types of building permit information. The Client/Server developers have made extensive modifications to this 3rd party piece of software, tailoring it to meet the specific needs of Polk County.

In addition to creating application systems, the Client/Server development staff members also provide Database Analyst (DBA) support for several production SQL servers throughout the County.

The Client/Server team frequently participates in Web Development design, analysis, and development. A number of applications developed by this team are actually contained in the list of web development applications.

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