Information Technology

Disaster Recovery

Quick Ship Agreements

Polk County has made "Quick Ship" arrangements with several key vendors. In the event of an emergency, turnaround times for the acquisition of replacement equipment will be expedited by the vendors.

Offsite Storage

Backup tapes of critical network data and system information are stored offsite. Polk County utilizes MDS Records Management for offsite storage and retrieval services.

Staff Accessibility

A 3rd party answering service is used to handle off hours support calls. In the event of an emergency, the answering service has contact information for all key IT personnel. In addition, IT maintains an internal list of all staff contact information. This is periodically reviewed to ensure up-to-date information is available.

Hot Site / Warm Site facilities

Polk County IT has chosen not to expend financial resources to provide a Hot or Warm site location for disaster recovery. The cost of such an arrangement is prohibitive. In the event that the Polk County Administration building was destroyed, there are other County-owned facilities that could be utilized as a temporary location for IT staff.

Formal Disaster Recovery Plans

Development of formal disaster recovery / business continuity plans for each Polk County department and office are in progress. They will be posted on this website when completed.

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