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Polk County has now made interactive GIS web mapping available to the public. The interactive maps feature county wide information including; county supervisor information by district, school districts, schools, county buildings, traffic cameras, land parcels, GPS monuments, and zoning.

This new site brings our GIS technology to you using ArcGIS and JavaScript to view our County wide GIS data. Questions, comments and concerns can be forwarded to Please note that by clicking this link to enter the map, you agree to the terms and conditions of the map. View the terms and conditions.


Click here for Polk County Interactive Web Map

Polk County, Along with the E911 board of the Des Moines Metro Area, have implemented a web based Pictometry Online Viewer.  Pictometry is a Aerial photography company that specializes in oblique imagery.  Oblique imagery is taken at a 45 degree angle, giving the end user the ability to view all sides of a property.  The viewer can be accessed here, or by using the Pictometry button on the Polk County General Web Map.

Other Web Map Sites

Polk County Aerial Comparisons - This web map allows the user to view two different years aerial imagery. 

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