Information Technology

IT Steering Committee

In early FY 2003/2004, a team of Department Heads and Elected Officials was created to oversee capital projects for the Information Technology Department. The Committee meets quarterly to review technology requests and other IT policy issues.

The IT Steering Committee's primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Capital Project selection
  • Oversight of capital project budget
  • Management of Miscellaneous Hardware/Software funds
  • Maintain a general awareness of all major technology projects throughout the County
  • Assist with prioritization of non-capital projects
  • Provide guidance for ongoing IT Policy

The permanent members of the Steering Committee include:

Mary Maloney Polk County Treasurer
Jamie Fitzgerald Polk County Auditor
Bill McCarthy Polk County Sheriff
Julie Haggerty Polk County Recorder
Deb Leonard Assistant County Attorney
Mike Grimaldi Director - General Services
Tony Bisignano Director - Human Resources
Brian Boyer Department Head - Community, Family & Youth Services
Pat Boddy Department Head - Conservation
Jacque Hibbard Assistant to the Director - Public Works

IT representatives on this Committee include:

Tony Jefferson Chief Information Officer
Scott Horman IT Systems Manager
Pani Baruri IT Applications Manager

Alternate representatives include:

Doug Pitman Polk County Treasurer
Bill Vaughn Polk County Sheriff
Jan Sears Polk County Sheriff - Director of Planning and Development
Scott Locker Polk County Sheriff - Communications
Scott Slater Health Department
Betty Devine Community, Family & Youth Services
Deb Anderson Budget Manager
Carmela Zenti Polk County Recorder

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