Sheriff’s Office

Current Air Quality Index (AQI) Values


6011 Rollins Avenue_DM – Air Sampling Station

1907 Carpenter_DM – Continuous Air Sampling Station

1907 Carpenter_DM-PM2.5, PM10, Air Sampling

Skyline and River

1907 Carpenter_Samplers

Pedestrian Bridge and River

Sheldahl_Iowa Air Sampling Station

Des Moines Traffic and Arches

News & Press Releases

Friday, June 2, 2017
Fireworks May Impact Air Quality

4th of July Fireworks May Impact Air Quality Each year we celebrate our national birthday with colorful bursts of black powder - fireworks displays are a tradi…

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Public Notice & Comment: Metro Park East Landfill, Mitchellv…

The following Title V Air Operating Permits have been placed on public notice to receive comments prior to issuance. To view Construction permits, please go to …

Friday, December 30, 2016
Board Of Supervisors Approves Air Quality Fee Changes

On December 20, 2016 the Board of Supervisors approved the 2017 fee schedule.  The new fee schedule is effective January 1, 2017.  Each year the Public Works D…


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