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  • Can you have more than one person appointed as guardian and/or conservator?

    Yes, there are several variations of appointments possible. One person may serve as guardian and a different person may serve as conservator. They will obviously have to work together as decisions sometimes overlap in areas, but many times this can be very successful.

    Another option is Co-guardians or Co-conservators who serve together. There are a few things to consider if this is your choice. Co-appointees have equal authority. If one appointee disagrees, the issue must be set down before a Judge for a ruling. Additionally, paper work may be delayed, as both signatures are always required.

    Many people appoint Co-guardians and/or Co-Conservators out of fear that something may happen to them. If that is the case, each appointee needs to determine a person to be successor if something were to happen to the appointee. The successor could then be appointed as Successor Guardian and/or Conservator relatively quickly.

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