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  • What does a Grand Jury do?

    After the Grand Jury investigates the allegations of the crime, they may decide to indict an accused. If a Grand Jury indicts, the person is charged with a criminal offense and will have to continue in the criminal justice process. The Grand Jury has no further responsibility in that case. The prosecution is taken over by either the Polk County Attorney or the Iowa Attorney General.

    As a member of a Grand Jury, you stand in a very real sense between the government and the accused. A Grand Jury must never be made an instrument of private prejudice, vengeance, or malice. It is your duty to see that indictments are returned only against those persons you find probable cause to believe are guilty of a criminal offense under State law and should be prosecuted and held accountable. In addition to this primary function, a Grand Jury has several other statutory obligations, which would be explained by the judge if you are chosen to be a Grand Jury member.

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