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Frequently Asked Questions (Restraining Orders: No Contact Orders & Protective Orders)

  • How do I get a Restraining Order?

    There are many different types of Restraining Orders. The reason you need a Restraining Order will determine the process and procedures used to apply for the Order.

    The most common, No Contact Orders, are issued in cases in which a person has been arrested and charged with a crime. These orders are commonly called Criminal No Contact Orders. They are generally issued in cases of domestic abuse assault, harassment, stalking, sexual abuse, and assault. These orders are requested by the Polk County Attorney’s Office at the time of the defendant’s first appearance before a judge.

    Another common order is a Protective Order. These orders are issued through the Civil Court and involve those persons who have been victims of domestic abuse. It is not required that the person who committed the assault be arrested to obtain the order. Applications for the Protective Order may be obtained in Room 115 of the Polk County Courthouse, 5th & Mulberry, Des Moines.

  • I have a No Contact Order against me. How do I get my belongings from the residence?

    You will want to use a third party (relative, friend, etc.) who can contact the protected party to arrange to get your property. You should provide the third party person with a list of requested items and also suggest several possible dates and times for the exchange.

  • I have a Restraining Order against me. Can I talk to the other person by phone?

    Generally no. You are prevented from any contact with the protected party including contact by telephone. The Order will set out whether you are prevented from telephone conversations or if limited telephone contact is allowed.

  • I have a Restraining Order against me. Can I send another person to talk to them?

    You cannot send a person to speak to the protected party on your behalf or to relay any messages.

  • I have a Restraining Order against me. Can I go to our child's school program if the other person may be there?

    Your Order prevents you from being in the presence of the protected party. This includes school programs, sporting events, and practices involving your children. If there are going to be times in which you will need to attend events involving your children, it is best to get the Order modified to allow you to do so. You will want to contact your attorney so that he or she can make the request.

  • The offender violated the No Contact Order. Who do I notify?

    You will want to report this to the police department in the city in which the violation occurred. They will investigate the incident and determine whether a charge should be filed. If they do not file a charge, they may submit it to the Polk County Attorney’s Office for review. We will then determine if there is enough evidence to file the charge.

    If you have a No Contact Order in which a criminal charge (domestic abuse assault, harassment, assault, stalking, sexual abuse, etc.) is pending, you will also want to contact the attorney in the Polk County Attorney’s Office who is handling your case. If you do not know who the attorney assigned to handle your case is, you can call the Polk County Attorney’s Office at (515) 286-3737 to find out.

  • How do I get a No Contact Order dropped?

    You will want to contact the attorney within the Polk County Attorney’s Office who is assigned to handle the case. Please call (515) 286-3737 to find out who you will need to speak with to make the application to cancel the Order.

    Since the case is handled on behalf of the State of Iowa, it is not automatic upon your request that the No Contact Order would be dropped. After your request is received, the attorney will review your request and then advise you if we will be asking that the No Contact Order be canceled.

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