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Frequently Asked Questions (Victim Assistance)

  • How do I find out if someone is in jail?

    Call the Polk County Jail at (515) 286-3804.

  • May I let the Parole Board know how I feel about a possible release of an offender?

    Any citizen may send information to the Parole Board at any time regarding their feelings about an inmate's release. It is possible in Iowa that the offender's sentence does not include eligibility for parole, but may still be reviewed. Contact the Parole Board at (515) 242-5757.

  • As a crime victim, will I be notified of upcoming parole hearings or release dates for the offender?

    To receive notification of upcoming parole hearings, release dates, death of an offender, or escape of an offender, you must register as a victim with the Polk County Attorney's Office. Requests are then sent to the Department of Corrections by the Polk County Attorney's Office.

  • I have been receiving threats or unwanted calls or letters from a prison inmate. What can I do?

    Call the Iowa Office of Victim Programs for help at (515) 242-5742 or 1-800-778-1182.

  • I would like to meet with the offender who hurt my family or me. Who should I call?

    Call the Polk County Restorative Justice Center at (515) 286-3737 for information on the Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP).

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