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OWI Report (Dec 2017)

One Hundred Twenty-seven DEFENDANTS SENTENCED FOR OWI THE MONTH OF November 2017

One hundred twenty-seven defendants were prosecuted for Operating While under the Influence (OWI) in Polk County Associate District Courts in the month of November 2017.

One ninety-nine of those defendants were prosecuted for OWI First Offense. OWI First Offense is a Serious Misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in county jail and a maximum fine of $1,250. The Court MUST impose a minimum sentence of two days in the county jail and a fine of $1,250, upon conviction. Blood alcohol levels are shown below in parentheses. DRE indicates that the conviction was based upon use of drugs other than just alcohol. REF means that the defendant refused the chemical test. A deferred judgment (non-conviction) is usually available to those defendants who test below .150 for an OWI First Offense. The State of Iowa has a legislatively set, presumptive level of intoxication of .08.

Those defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI First Offense in this reporting period were:  

Akour Amieth Kongroar, (0.307); Deena Bechtel, (N/A); Davin Bell, (0.325); Alexandra Biehl, (0.222); Melissa Bisignano, (REF); Adam Bowman, (REF); Tianna Brown, (0.205); Matthew Buffington, (0.133); Jessica Buntin, (REF); James Burgett, (0.202); Percy Butler, (0.089); Rex Butler, (0.186); Armando Campos Arechiga, (REF); Jean Chleborad, (0.185); Jacob Clark, (0.199); Jimmy Cross, (0.186); Robert Davis, (0.185); Darin Davis, (0.168); Daniel Dinnauer, (0.19); Sarah Domazet, (DRE); Jessi Engle, (0.131); Sidney Evans, (REF); Jasmine Fetters, (REF); Saul Flores Galvez, (REF); Vincent Ford, (0.155); Lainie Fox, (0.205); Dante Frazier, (0.132); Melvin Freeborn, (DRE); Melvin Freeborn, (DRE); Paula Garrison, (0.285); Bobbi Glenn, (REF); Gabriel Gonzalez, (0.281); Odecius Gray, (0.173); Todd Greenwood, (0.18); Todd Greenwood, (0.18); Abraham Guerrero-Rodriguez, (0.136); Tina Haase Findley, (0.138); Zachary Hall, (0.097); Zachary Hall, (DRE); Lorne Hamling, (0.196); Matthew Harbour, (REF); Benjamin Harger, (REF); Kevin Harrison, (DRE); Devyn Henderson, (DRE); Gilberto Hernandez Martinez, (0.12); Joseph Huber, (0.159); Zekariya Ibrahim, (REF); Janis Johnson, (DRE); Fannie Kalis, (0.13); William Kinsey, (REF); Jon Kleinschmit, (0.141); Justin Knock, (REF); Bobby Lathrop, (DRE); Alex Lindauer, (0.128); Oulaivane Lo, (REF); Emily Longley, (0.211); Alyssa Majeski, (0.181); Marshal Matlage, (REF); Timothy McCulloh, (0.196); Megan Mein, (0.173); Min Min, (REF); Dustin Moad, (REF); Todd Moreno, (0.142); Damian Morgan, (0.142); Rhonda Morton, (REF); Abshir Mudei, (REF); Hector Munoz Carrillo, (0.146); Taylor Myers, (REF); Andrew Oliver, (0.122); Carol Padgett, (REF); Walther Pogyo-Ochoa, (0.246); Laurie Potter, (0.098); Clinton Powell, (0.106); Austin Price, (0.09); Brock Rikkers, (0.156); Dyann Roberts, (REF); Donald Rodasky, (DRE); Shawn Roland, (REF); Tyler Scavo, (0.109); Riley Scheetz, (0.127); Ted Schoonover, (0.253); Jack Schuler, (0.2); Skyler Shane, (REF); Carl Shelton, (0.09); Troy Slusser, (0.139); Robyn Smith, (REF); Benjamin Smith, (0.258); Andriy Soroka, (0.146); Christopher Speirs, (0.126); Cody Spikes, (0.185); Thomas Stalo, (0.154); John Thomas, (0.136); Kelsey Thomas, (0.208); Angela Thompson, (0.125); Devin Thunhorst, (REF); Mark Waller, (0.115); Christopher Wedemeyer, (0.156); Tarelle Wilson, (REF); Scott Zach, (REF).

Of those defendants sentenced for OWI First Offense this report, thirty-two had a test of .160 (twice the legal limit) or greater. The low chemical test among the group was .089 and the high test was .325 (more than FOUR times the legal limit). Nine defendants were prosecuted based upon their use of drugs other than just alcohol (denoted by “DRE”) and twenty-seven refused chemical testing (denoted by “REF”).

Twenty-four defendants appeared for sentencing for OWI Second Offense. OWI Second Offense is an Aggravated Misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $6,250. The Court MUST impose a minimum sentence of seven days in county jail and a minimum fine of $1,875, upon conviction of OWI Second Offense.

Those defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI Second Offense in this reporting period were:

Sabreen Al-Hameed, (DRE); Taylan Berard, (0.12); Taylan Berard, (REF); Paul Brown, (0.204); Chester Brown, (0.15); Donald Crockett, (REF); Leah Dejong, (REF); Michael Gauthier, (REF); Jeremy Gilbert, (DRE); Troy Hoke, (0.183); Andre Jefferson, (REF); Kyleigh Jeffrey, (0.113); Megan Kingsley Hargin, (REF); Clifford Loghry, (0.091); Mabok Manjok, (0.236); Jesus Medina, (DRE); Kyle Meyer, (0.112); Steven Pollock, (0.149); Blake Ricker, (DRE); Alan Rodriguez Paz, (REF); Amanda Sams, (0.153); Nathaniel Sandstrom, (0.133); Katie Stoll, (REF); Troy Thys, (REF).

Of those defendants sentenced for OWI Second Offense who took a chemical test, those tests ranged from a low of 0.091 to a high of 0.204 (more than TWO times the legal limit). Nine of these defendants refused the chemical test.

There were four defendants sentenced this reporting period for OWI Third Offense.  OWI Third Offense is a Class D felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and by a fine of up to $9,375. The Court MUST sentence a defendant convicted of OWI Third Offense to a minimum of thirty days in county jail and a minimum fine of $3,125. The defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI Third Offense in this reporting period were: 

Elijah Campbell, (REF); Jason Gast, (REF); Michael Getz, (REF); Matthew Harbour, (REF).

These cases were prosecuted by attorneys assigned to the Intake and Screening Bureau of Polk County Attorney John Sarcone’s Office. For the month of November 2017, the attorneys directly responsible for handling this challenging, fast-paced and high volume docket were: Maurice Curry, Kailyn Heston, and Jordan Roling, and the support staff responsible for assisting were: Megan Carter, Melanie Lumley, Chelsey Wilson, and Erica Zimmerman.

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