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OWI Report (October 2018)

One Hundred seventy-four DEFENDANTS SENTENCED FOR OWI THE MONTH OF October 2018

One hundred seventy-four defendants were prosecuted for Operating While under the Influence (OWI) in Polk County Associate District Courts in the month of October 2018.

One hundred thirty of those defendants were prosecuted for OWI First Offense. OWI First Offense is a Serious Misdemeanor, punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in county jail and a maximum fine of $1,250. The Court MUST impose a minimum sentence of two days in the county jail and a fine of $1,250, upon conviction. Blood alcohol levels are shown below in parentheses. DRE indicates that the conviction was based upon use of drugs other than just alcohol. REF means that the defendant refused the chemical test. A deferred judgment (non-conviction) is usually available to those defendants who test below .150 for an OWI First Offense. The State of Iowa has a legislatively set, presumptive level of intoxication of .08.

Those defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI First Offense in this reporting period were:  

Bita Amisi, (0.138); Bita Amisi, (0.282); Briana Andrew, (REF); Lerwin Arcos Pozo, (0.172); Bryan Baase, (0.134); Janese Basart, (0.226); Paul Bathurst, (0.188); Tianna Berard, (0.131); Brad Boehm, (0.273); Robert Breeden, (0.143); Mark Brinkman, (0.208); Dillon Budde, (REF); Roman Burkett, (REF); Amy Carrell, (REF); Debra Chambers, (0.145); Kenneth Chepseba, (0.174); Andy Chic Medrano, (0.172); Low Choul, (REF); Ricky Cochran, (DRE); Jake Concienne, (0.182); Kristopher Cordaro, (0.121); Enrique Cruz Granados, (0.198); Edgar Delgado Martinez, (0.145); Riley Derrickson, (REF); Jeffrey Dirks, (REF); Rodney Dotson, (REF); Renee Elliott, (0.07); Rachelle Ellis, (REF); Michael Evans, (0.212); Manual Ferreyro, (0.18); James Foley, (0.178); Shane Foster, (REF); Lee Francis, (REF); James Frey, (0.197); Daniel Garrett, (0.138); James Garteh, (REF); Jared Goode, (0.15); Covey Grady, (0.136); Cole Granzow, (REF); Donald Gray, (0.256); Ashan Green Brooks, (DRE); Louis Gutierrez, (REF); Andrew Hachmeister, (.096); Sarah Hankel Hoffman, (0.28); Joseph Hart, (0.150); Steven Hill, (0.13); Terry Hill, (DRE); David Holm, (REF); David Holm, (REF); David Holm, (0.322); Michael Houlihan, (REF); Tegan Hulse, (0.181); Jeffry Isenhower, (REF); Christopher James, (0.189); Seth Jelinek, (0.186); Ulfik Kajtazovic, (0.194); Laci Kane, (0.162); Neoma Kaufman, (0.165); Joseph Kiplinger, (0.273); Antoni Konecne, (0.124); Ethan Kouri, (REF); Nicholas Kritz, (REF); Shane Krull, (REF); Benjamin Lacroix, (0.148); Chase Macy, (0.1); Leslie Manshack, (0.273); Deogratias Maombi, (0.124); Robert Marchant, (0.141); Michael Marren, (0.19); Matt Marts, (0.173); Angelina Mayse, (0.168); Christopher McCarthy, (0.13); Shyanne Mcgee, (REF); J. McKoy, (0.105); Marcellas McNeil, (0.189); Arnulfo Medrano Cordero, (0.112); Basilides Mendez Castillo, (0.2); Dion Millard, (REF); Deborah Moreno, (REF); Casey Mozena, (REF); Bryce Obrecht, (0.157); Shelli Off, (REF); Emilie Olson, (0.128); Malyadri Paluri, (0.232); Mason Parnau, (.062/DRE); John Patterson, (0.141); Jacob Pinyan, (0.16); Moises Plaza, (REF); Larry Potts, (0.196); Raimundo Quiroz, (0.182); Kyle Reasoner, (0.111); Jeffrey Rost, (0.241); Mandy Ruelle, (0.221); Payden Schoonover, (REF); Brian Schumacher, (0.1); Jordan Shankland, (0.229); Joshua Silverthorn, (REF); Megan Simms, (0.136); Mitchell Slater, (REF); Brady Smith, (0.138); Sara Smith, (0.19); Justin Smool, (0.183); Andrew Spiker, (REF); Leo Stacy, (REF); Mark Steinbruck, (0.103); Adam Steinke, (REF); Noah Stober, (DRE); Gerald Stover, (REF); Alfred Suah, (REF); Jeremy Tavarez, (0.123); Hoang Thai, (REF); Chuanlian Thana, (0.213); Doh Thein, (0.207); Robert Thole, (REF); Jacqueline Thompson, (0.238); Michael Topalian, (0.164); Maria Tula Serrano, (0.142); Zachary Venenga, (DRE); Pedro Villegas, (0.133); Michael Villirillo, (0.121); Alan Waage, (0.158); David Watt, (0.198); Amy Wells, (.079/DRE); Kay-lea Wilde, (0.178); Thomas Williams, (0.224); Bishop Woodall, (0.103); Brandon Wright, (DRE); Ka Yet, (0.291); Christian Zenti, (REF); Kenad Zukic, (0.106).

Of those defendants sentenced for OWI First Offense this report, fifty-one had a test of .160 (twice the legal limit) or greater. The low chemical test among the group was .007 and the high test was .322 (more than FOUR times the legal limit). Six defendants were prosecuted based upon their use of drugs other than just alcohol (denoted by “DRE”) and thirty-eight refused chemical testing (denoted by “REF”).

Thirty-six defendants appeared for sentencing for OWI Second Offense. OWI Second Offense is an Aggravated Misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of up to $6,250. The Court MUST impose a minimum sentence of seven days in county jail and a minimum fine of $1,875, upon conviction of OWI Second Offense.

Those defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI Second Offense in this reporting period were:

Daniel Ashley, (0.282); Jorge Bazan, (0.279); Vincent Benvenuti, (0.119); Adam Berns, (0.262); Stanley Canova, (0.136); Eric Clarine, (REF); Nicole Dalton, (0.174); Jasmine Fetters, (REF); Armando Garcia Estrada, (0.178); Lisa Groen, (REF); Marcus Guinn, (0.232); Caleb Gustafson, (0.133); Trenton Himes, (REF); Justin Holihan, (0.181); Juan Jimenez, (0.137); John Koester, (REF); Brian Lorenz, (0.195); Lashay Morris, (0.120); Jamarkus Mozee, (0.13); Bona Ngor, (REF); Brett Nowning, (0.116); Mark Olsen, (0.1); Mario Ortega Torres, (0.158); Jennifer Piatchek, (DRE); Meghan Spomer, (REF); Kim Stogner, (0.209); Rodolfo Suarez Rubio, (0.177); Justin Talbott, (0.134); Aaron Thomas, (REF); Nathanael Thome, (0.195); Robert Thuerauf, (0.195); Brandon Turner, (0.159); Joel Wilhelm, (0.15); Tyler Wolf, (0.168); Michael Won, (REF); Jose Zamarripa, (0.178).

Of those defendants sentenced for OWI Second Offense who took a chemical test, those tests ranged from a low of 0.100 to a high of 0.282 (more than THREE times the legal limit). Sixteen of these defendants refused the chemical test.

There were eight defendants sentenced this reporting period for OWI Third Offense.  OWI Third Offense is a Class D felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and by a fine of up to $9,375. The Court MUST sentence a defendant convicted of OWI Third Offense to a minimum of thirty days in county jail and a minimum fine of $3,125. The defendants appearing for sentencing for OWI Third Offense in this reporting period were: 

Jason Gast, (REF); Joseph Hyde, (REF); Katherine Mingus, (REF); Charles Toomer, (REF); Kent Vanderwerff, (REF); Brandon Weber, (0.230); Chad Wright, (0.138); Rasim Zajmovic, (0.200).

These cases were prosecuted by attorneys assigned to the Intake and Screening Bureau of Polk County Attorney John Sarcone’s Office. For the month of October 2018, the attorneys directly responsible for handling this challenging, fast-paced and high volume docket were: Maurice Curry, Kailyn Heston, and Jordan Roling, and the support staff responsible for assisting were: Megan Carter, Melanie Lumley, Chelsey Wilson, and Erica Zimmerman.

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