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License Reinstatement Program

The License Reinstatement Program (LRP) began in June 2004 as a result of collaborative efforts between several agencies, including Polk County, Department of Transportation, and the Clerk of Court. It is a program that allows people who have been suspended for non-payment of fines to get their license back.

The program is set up to maximize the potential for an individual to succeed at paying off their fines. Payment plans are worked out between the offender and LRP staff. Not only this, but they must make their payments on time and maintain insurance on their vehicle.

The Program has benefited drivers, the State of Iowa and Polk County. Of the fines collected, Polk County receives 35% of those, which goes to the general county fund. Right now, collections are averaging about $50,000 a month and that number is expected to grow as more and more people hear about the license reinstatement program.

In order to qualify you must meet the LRP program criteria.

In order to determine your eligibility, you will be required to complete a LRP Financial Affidavit.

Additional qualifications may be required. For more information, please contact:

Polk County Attorney’s Office, Restorative Justice Center
222 5th Avenue
Des Moines, IA, 50309

or call (515) 286-3893.

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