A Day at the Farm, a “Defining Decade” of Momentum

Published 5/24/2023 11:52:59 AM

SLATER, Iowa (IAWA/Polk County) – The finale to a month-long recognition of the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy’s (INRS) 10th anniversary is set for 1:30-4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 24 at Lee Tesdell’s farm near Slater.

Over several years, Tesdell and renter, Mike Helland have partnered to add many water quality and soil health practices on the farm, which sits within the Fourmile Creek watershed - part of the larger Des Moines River watershed.

Those practices – like cover crops, no-till, a bioreactor, saturated buffers, grassed waterways, prairie strips, precision nutrient application and more – are all featured in the family-friendly field day. There will also be plenty of first-hand learning activities, hayrack tours, and a lineup of expert ag conservation speakers.

One area of focus will be the incredible success of Polk County’s “Batch & Build” model, which has sped up efforts to add conservation practices where they can have the most positive impact for farmers and folks downstream. Because of the model, Iowa has seen a 650 percent increase in new edge-of-field practices year over year.

Such successful water and soil health efforts are great examples of the progress made in the first decade of the INRS. At the same time, there is still much important work ahead, and it is essential for these efforts to continue growing across Iowa, from farm fields to city blocks.

To attend this Defining Decade field day – co-hosted by the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance (IAWA), Polk County, and the Polk Soil & Water Conservation District – please RSVP today at For more event info, visit


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