Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services

Child & Adult Care Food Program

  • How do I get on the food program?

    1. First you need a valid Registration with the state and at least 1 daycare child in your home.
    2. Then call CACFP Receptionist at 286-2136 and we’ll assist you in the process.
  • What questions will I be asked?

    The following questions will be asked:

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone #
    • Social Security #
    • Registration ID#
    • They need to know what Category they are A, B or C.
    • Registration end Date (Found on the seal)
  • How many times a year does someone come out to visit?

    Our program has 3 trimester visits a year. Our program begins October 1 and ends September 30th every year.

  • Do we provide insurance?

    No, we don't offer it, but providers can purchase their own. There is a union for in-home child care providers that are working on providing insurance.

  • How much paperwork is involved?

    A sample of the paperwork includes:

    • Enrollment of children in your care
    • Written menus (what you serve)
    • Recording meals that each child is served daily
    • Recording attendance of children, the times they arrive and leave
  • Is there a simpler process?

    We offer on-line claiming. You must have internet explorer 6.0 or higher, a valid e-mail address, working printer and computer skills.

  • How much training do I need for the food program?

    You need 2 hours each year of Nutrition training for the food program. It must be completed annually between October 1st and September 30th each program year. CACFP training hours can also be used to meet part of the 12 hours of annual training required to maintain your registration.

  • How are we reimbursed?

    Payment is based on the number of children, meals by type, and the number of days recorded each month.

  • Can I claim my own children?

    If you meet the income eligibility, then we can reimburse you for your children under 13.

  • How do I get a list of child care providers in Polk County?

    This request is handled by Child Care Resource and Referral. They can be reached at: 515-246-3560. Their website is: www.iowaccrr.org

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