Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services

Family Enrichment Center

  • Where is the Family Enrichment Center located?

    The Family Enrichment Center is located at Polk County River Place, 2309 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines.

    Contact The Family Enrichment Center at 515-286-3406 for more information.

  • What is the Family Enrichment Center?

    The Family Enrichment Center is a family support program for families who are receiving FIP benefits. The program is administered by the Department of Community, Family and Youth Services with local funds from Polk County and a FaDSS grant from the Department of Human Rights.

  • What is FaDSS?

    FaDSS stands for Family Development and Self Sufficiency. It is a program which is funded by the Department of Human Services as a support service for families who are receiving FIP and who need assistance in achieving self sufficiency and independence from public assistance.

  • What services does the Family Enrichment Center provide?

    The core service of the program is case management/family support which is provided through home visitation. Services and resources are individually determined based upon the needs and resources of families.

  • Who is eligible for services at the Family Enrichment Center?

    Polk County residents who are receiving FIP benefits are eligible to enroll.

  • How do I apply?

    You may be referred by your PROMISE JOBS or DHS worker, other professional, or you may refer yourself.

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