Polk County Community, Family & Youth Services

Adult Services


Transportation is provided for low income disabled citizens 18 and older, who are unable to use the city bus for necessary trips. Individuals will be considered for trips to medical appointments, grocery store, and once a month miscellaneous trip. Income eligible dialysis patients who have no transportation may also apply.

Congregate Meals Site/Senior Center

Transportation is provided to congregate meal sites for those citizens age 60 or older, who can't provide transportation for themselves to the nearest senior center. A once a week grocery shopping trip is provided from many of the senior centers.

Meals On Wheels

The program provides a home delivered lunch time meal each weekday to those who are homebound, low-income, live alone and are unable to prepare nutritious meals for themselves. Optional frozen meals are available and delivered on Friday for the weekend.

Protective Payee

Financial management and budget counseling services for low income individuals demonstrating the inability to manage money to meet their basic needs are provided via contract with Children & Families of Iowa.

To Apply Call: 515-286-3484

A telephone assessment will be completed and mandatory home visit will be scheduled prior to approval of services.

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