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Juvenile Detention

The Polk County Juvenile Detention Center provides a secure setting for youth age 11 through 17 while their cases are being processed through the court system and decisions are made as to their disposition.  Polk County Juvenile Detention can house 33 youth.

Central  Intake

The Centralized Intake Center provides peace officers a single point of entry for at risk juveniles to assess their immediate needs and make on-the-spot decisions about what should happen with a youth after an encounter (such as an arrest) with law enforcement

In-Home Monitoring Placement and Community Tracking (IMPACT)

The IMPACT program allows youth to live at home under supervision and guidance while being processed through the court system.   Youth are released from detention or intake to this program. 

Norwoodville Summer Youth Program

The Norwoodville Summer Youth Program is a summer-only day camp program housed at the Norwoodville Community Center and provides supervised recreational and educational activities for youth ages 6 through 13.   Fees are assessed on a sliding scale according to a family’s gross household income.  All fees charged cover morning and afternoon activities.  Day camp is different from day care.  Day camp is for those children who enjoy the outdoors, like to stay busy playing organized games, doing crafts and who are able to function independently yet are able to follow instructions from day camp staff.  


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