Polk County Launches Financial Empowerment Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented financial strain for many families in our community.  Polk County, in partnership with the national nonprofit organization Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund) and the Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families, has announced the opening of IOwa's first Financial Empowerment Center (FEC), offering professional one-on-one financial coaching as a free public service to local residents.  In the Polk County FEC, professionally trained financial coaches help individuals and families manage finances, pay down debt, increase savings, establish and build credit, and access safe and affordable mainstream banking products. To help residents during the COVID-19 crisis, financial coaching services can be accessed virtually over phone or email.  

"The Opening of the Financial Empowerment Center could not come at a better time", said Polk County Supervisor Matt McCoy.  "Individuals and families of all income levels are feeling financial stress from COVID-19 and the FEC is an excellent free resource to help create new budgets and identify additional sources of assistance."

In Polk County, the Evelyn K. Davis Center will lead the effort to provide resources for those interested in financial counseling.  Individuals and families interested in setting up an appointment are encouraged to contact the Evelyn K. Davis Center at 515-697-7700 or, schedule an appointment online at

About the Financial Empowerment Center Initiative:  First piloted in New York City under Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in 2008, FECs across the country have worked with over 104,000 clients, helping them reduce individual debt by over $146 million, and increasing their families' savings by close to $22 million.  Polk County is one of over two dozen local governments working to launch a local FEC initiative.