Polk County Conservation

Bird Colors and Feeder Cleaning

  • I enjoy feeding birds in my yard and I have always wondered why some birds like goldfinches change colors in the fall and winter? Also, what’s the best way to clean out my birdfeeder?

    In some bird species, males and females are different colors. Male birds are brightly colored to catch the attention of a female during mating season. Female birds are duller in color because they spend a lot of time on the nest. Many male birds turn a dull brown color in the fall when there is no need to mate. During fall the bright feathers gradually fall out and are replaced by duller colored feathers.

    Now is a good time to clean your feeders, in fact you should try to clean and disinfect them once a month. Use a mild bleach solution to disinfect the feeder. Completely immerse the feeder in the bleach solution for 2-3 minutes and allow it to air dry. Regular cleaning helps prevent disease. Also rake and sweep up the seed hulls under the feeder where mildew and moisture accumulates.

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