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Bluebird Nest Boxes

  • Are the bluebirds back yet? My son made me some bluebird boxes and I’m wondering when I should put them up.

    Yes the bluebirds are starting to come back! Males typically arrive a couple of weeks ahead of the females. Some bluebirds have already been spotted building nests in nest boxes in our Polk County parks. Bluebird boxes should be up and ready by the end of March. Good bluebird habitat includes open grassy areas with little or no under story and a few trees nearby for perching. Bluebird boxes should be spaced at intervals of about 300 feet and at least 200 feet away from wooded brushy areas. The box should be placed on a smooth metal pole at least 4 to 5 feet high. Anything lower is at greater risk for predation. The entrance hole should be directed away from prevailing winds and face away from direct sun exposure. Ideally you should check the box every seven to 10 days from late March until mid-August. Monitoring your box on a regular basis is important because you can collect important information about the nest and keep an eye out for problems should they arise. Bluebirds and other songbirds have a poor sense of smell and are not able to detect human scent, so they will not abandon their box if you open it to check it. For more information about bluebirds visit North American Bluebird Society’s Web site at www.nabluebirdsociety.org.

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