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Dogs and Baby Birds

  • I’ve seen several baby birds hopping around on the ground in my yard and my dogs keep pestering them. In fact they’ve actually killed a couple of the birds. If I pick up a baby bird and move it to a safer spot, will the parents still be able to find it?

    Yes, the parents know exactly where their young are. Some parents are so aggressive that they will make loud noises and dive bomb animals that get to close to their young. Right now many baby birds are leaving the nest and learning to fly. Often times they end up on the ground. As long as they are hopping and have feathers, they will be fine. However, if you think a dog or cat may harm the bird, please move it to a safe location. Under a bush or in a flower bed will be fine. If you find an injured bird, do not try to care for it yourself. There are several wildlife rehabilitators in central Iowa who care for injured wild animals. Contact the Polk County Conservation office at 515-323-5300 and we can give you a list of phone numbers to call. It’s against the law to keep wild animals if you don’t have permits, even if you plan to release them.

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