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Hummingbird Nesting Season

  • Every summer most of my hummingbirds disappear from my feeder for a few weeks then come back in good numbers. The same thing happens at my neighbor’s feeder. What's going on?

    It sounds like nesting season to me. While nesting, female ruby-throated hummingbirds spend time sitting on their eggs and feeding young. Females will not necessarily build a nest near a hummingbird feeder. They do not prefer to nest in a male’s feeding territory and your feeder is probably part of one. Traveling to and from a distant feeder takes too much time away from the eggs. When the chicks hatch, they need protein to grow so the mother spends time catching insects and spiders to feed her young rather than drinking nectar. After the young leave the nest, the female may return to the feeder and bring her young with her. Male hummingbirds may be less common at feeders due to the abundance of flowers blooming during this time. So be patient and wait, the hummingbirds will return!

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