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Snapping Turtle Predation

  • Something is eating the baby ducks on our pond. I saw something pull one underneath the water and disappear with it. We like watching the ducks and don’t want them to disappear. What is doing this and how do we get rid of it?

    You have witnessed part of the food chain happening right in front of your eyes! My guess is a snapping turtle is eating your ducks. They will occasionally grab swimming waterfowl from beneath, pulling them under the water and then eating them. Snapping turtles are omnivores so they also eat various water plants and animals like fish, small mammals, waterfowl, and carrion. You can legally take snapping turtles with a valid fishing license. Turtles can be taken by hand, turtle hook, turtle trap or with a hook and line. Always be very careful when handling a snapping turtle. They can lunge quickly and their bite can be very painful.

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