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  • I have lived in my neighborhood for 10 years and this has been the first spring I have heard woodpeckers drumming very loudly in the morning. I have seen a few woodpeckers in my yard before but have never heard them making so much noise. Why are they doing this?

    Woodpeckers use simple calls and drumming to communicate with one another. During spring, woodpeckers will drum to attract a mate or declare a territory. Drumming is usually used to communicate long distances so it is done on a surface with good acoustic properties like hollow branches, down spouts, or metal rain gutters. Drumming is fast paced, while foraging and excavating are slow and relatively quiet. Both male and female woodpeckers drum and it is very difficult to tell the species of woodpecker by listening to the pattern of drumming. This seasonal activity will subside as mating season passes.

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