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Attracting Birds

  • I would like to attract more birds and wildlife to my yard. What are some things I can do to make my yard more wildlife friendly? I already have several bird feeders up.

    Good for you! All wildlife needs food, water, cover and places to raise young. In addition to bird feeders, you can provide food another way by planting native plants. Native plants are plants that have evolved to live in your area. They normally don’t need much maintenance once you have them settled into your garden. Seeds, berries, and nectar from native plants are good food sources for wildlife. An easy way to provide water for wildlife is to put out a bird bath. Make sure to change the water at least every other day. This keeps the water fresh and gets rid of mosquito’s eggs that may be laid in the water. Installing a small pond is another option. If you want to attract frogs, leave fish out of your pond because they will eat frog eggs and tadpoles. Wildlife needs a place to hide in order to feel safe in your yard. The easiest way to provide cover is to use vegetation. Many shrubs provide great hiding places and dead trees are home to lots of different wildlife. You can also put up a nesting box for birds to raise their young.

    As we expand into lands to build homes and businesses wildlife is being forced out of their former habitats. So it is more and more important to provide spaces where wildlife can live. For more information on how to create a wildlife friendly backyard, visit the National Wildlife Federation's site.

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