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Deterring Rabbits

  • Every year rabbits eat some of my favorite flowers in my flower beds and I’m sick of it! What can I do to deter them and are there any flowers that rabbits won’t eat?

    I feel your pain! Rabbits have overtaken my yard as well. Rabbits love eating tender young plants including many popular annuals, bulbs, and vegetables. Rabbits often avoid plants like native grasses, herbs, and plants with strong fragrances if something else is available to eat. Some people claim to get results using odor repellents such as moth balls, blood meal or predator urine. Place them on the ground around the perimeter of the plants. Taste repellents (such as Bonide and pepper spray) can be applied to foliage. These repellents must be reapplied from time to time. Sometimes the most successful solution is trapping and removal. Bait a live trap with sliced apples or carrots and then dispose of the rabbits in a humane way. If you plan to release them, you must have permission from the land owner or park officials.

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