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Ants in the House

  • I am having a problem with ants in my home. I would like to get rid of them, but I am concerned that the pesticide might affect my baby. What can I do?

    Ants have come into your home because they’ve detected a food source. Remove their food source if possible or seal containers so no odor can escape. The next step is locating the nest and the path they take to and from the food source. Some natural repellents to try using in the home include vinegar, cayenne pepper, citric extracts, bone meal, cinnamon, cream of tartar, salt, and perfume. Place the repellents at points of entry and various points along their path. Keep trying different repellents until you find one your ants aren’t willing to tolerate. You can also try eliminating the nest by pouring boiling water over the nest. If that isn't sufficient, you can try adding cayenne pepper to the boiling water, or using citrus extracts. If none of these work, contact an exterminator and let them know you have a small child.

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