Polk County Conservation

Beehive Removal

  • There is a huge honeybee hive in the tree next to my front door. What’s the best way to remove the hive?

    If the bees are not bothering you, please leave the hive alone. Bees feed pollen and nectar to their young and are beneficial pollinators of many crops and plants. An estimated 80% of insect pollinated crops are accomplished by honeybees. If a hive is causing problems, contact a beekeeper or a licensed pest control professional for removal. An experienced beekeeper can usually remove bees and honeycombs from easily accessible places like hollow trees, but bees often live in building walls or are tucked away where they are impossible to reach. In these cases, a licensed pest control company may be the best solution.

    If you wish to try killing the bees yourself, it is important to exterminate a colony when all the bees are in the nest, usually dusk or dawn. This reduces the number of bees that are in the field that may return to cause problems. Sprays are popular because they can be used from a distance. Dust formulations may also be pumped onto an enclosed nest. There is some evidence that soapy water is also a good substance to use and is inexpensive and somewhat harmless to the environment.

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