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Boxelder Bug Infestation

  • There are boxelder bugs and ladybugs covering the entire south side of my house. Now they are finding their way into my home as well. Will they harm my house in any way?

    Boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles are harmless and will not damage your house or furnishings. Boxelder bugs and Asian lady beetles often become pests in the fall when they leave plants and trees to search for hiding places for the winter. They often stray into houses through cracks in the foundation and siding, gaps along windows and doors, and other small openings. These insects will not reproduce or feed indoors. To prevent them from entering your home, caulk and seal possible entry points. A soapy water spray (5 tablespoons of liquid detergent per gallon of water) can also be sprayed along the foundation in the fall. Repeated applications are usually necessary. The best way to remove in your house is by vacuuming, sweeping or picking them up and discarding.

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