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Bat Removal

  • I found a bat flying around in my living room and wondered what the best way to remove it is?

    When a single bat is found inside the home or garage, it is often a lost young bat whose primary goal is to escape. As long as no direct contact with the bat has been made, it can be released outside. Open up the doors and windows and the bat will usually leave on its own. If the bat does not leave on its own, wait for it to land on something. Take a box or small bucket and cover it. Slide a piece of cardboard between the wall and box, slide the bat into the box, and release it outside. Bats are rarely aggressive even if chased, but may bite if handled. As with any wild animal, bats should not be touched with bare hands. Bats are protected by Iowa state law, which means it is illegal to capture, harm, or kill any of the nine species of bats in Iowa. However, homeowners have the right to remove them from their property.

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