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Bats in the Attic

  • I have bats living in my attic and recently had someone come to remove them. He said there were baby bats in the attic and he wouldn’t do anything until all of the babies were old enough to fly on their own. When are bat babies born and when are they old enough to fly? I want them out of my house!

    Maternity colonies of big brown bats are typically found in buildings or attics like yours. Big brown bats give birth to two babies in June. The young grow rapidly and are able to fly in about three weeks. The nursery colony will not disperse until all the young are weaned. By late July, early August most young of the year have left the nursery to find temporary roosts elsewhere. To keep the bats from returning to your attic, it would be safe to seal up the holes in the house by mid-August.

    If you do find a bat flying around in your house, you can try a couple of things to remove it. First, open the windows and doors and turn off the lights. Bats will use echolocation to find their own way out. Or you can try catching the bat with a net, cloth or leather glove and release it outside.

    Bats are important members of the ecological community. In North America they help control insect populations. A colony of 150 big brown bats can protect local farmers from up to 18 million rootworms each summer. In the tropics, bats that eat fruit and nectar help pollinate and disperse seeds of tropical plants.

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