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Coyotes Near People

  • I live near Johnston and we see and hear coyotes in my backyard. Is this normal for them to be so close to the yard and house? Tell me a little more about coyotes. Thank you.

    It doesn’t surprise me that you have seen and heard coyotes near your house. Coyotes are common around here and can be found near wooded stream valleys, parks, farm fields, and even in metro areas. One of the reasons we don’t see more of them is because they are nocturnal animals, hunting mainly at night. Coyotes are very adaptable animals. They have been known to eat carrion, foxes, dogs, rabbits, mice, other small mammals, birds, frogs, snakes, insects, and fruit.

    There are no natural predators of coyotes in Iowa except humans. There is an open continuous hunting season on coyotes. This means if you have a valid hunting license you can hunt coyotes any time of the year. There is also a trapping season November – April.

    If you and your family are out in your yard I wouldn’t worry about coyotes running up to you. Coyotes avoid humans and will run away. If you see them during the daytime, most likely that animal is very hungry and is looking for food.

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