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Elk and Bison at Jester Park

  • What’s your policy regarding feeding the elk and bison at Jester Park? I saw someone feeding potato chips to the elk the other day. Surely that can’t be healthy!

    It’s not! We strongly discourage anyone from feeding the elk and bison for your safety and the animals’ safety. The male elk have huge antlers that can poke through the fence and if the animal gets spooked, it could hurt someone. We feed them a specific diet to keep them healthy. Elk and bison do not digest large quantities of human foods very well. Some visitors love to feed the elk apples and carrots, which are healthier than chips; however those foods upset their stomachs. For example, if a park visitor feeds the elk two apples, and then someone else feeds them a few more apples, by the end of the day, one elk has eaten 20 apples. When these animals get sick, we can usually trace it back to their diet. Next time you are visiting Jester Park, please do not feed the elk and bison. Thank you!

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