Polk County Conservation

Fawn in the Yard

  • I found a fawn in my yard without its mother. I think it’s been abandoned. What should I do?

    Leave it alone. Don’t pick it up or try to feed it. The fawn’s best chance of survival is in the wild. Mother deer leave their young alone on purpose. She will only visit her fawn a few times a day to nurse and clean it, staying for only a few minutes at a time. She will go and feed nearby and is never too far away from her fawn. A fawn’s natural instinct is to lie down in the grass and be still. The white spots on their fur help them be camouflaged in the grass. Fawns also have no scent so they are undetectable by predators. If a fawn is threatened, the mother’s instinct is to run away to get the predator to chase her instead of the fawn.

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