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Rabbit Nest

  • I found a nest of baby rabbits in my yard and I think their mother has abandoned them. How can I help them?

    It’s natural to want to help these animals, but the best thing to do is leave them alone. Most likely the mother is still in the area and knows exactly where her young are. Baby rabbits spend most of the day and night by themselves. The mother only comes back to the nest at dawn and dusk to feed the young. If the nest has been damaged it can be repaired. Look for a shallow depression lined with fur or grass. Place the babies in the nest with a light layer of grass on top to hide them. Leave the area because the mother won’t return if you're there. It is an old wives tale that if the young are touched, the mother won’t return. If you find healthy bunnies that are 4-5 inches long, can hop, with eyes open and ears up, they do not need help. They are able to survive on their own.

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