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Woodchuck Under Garage

  • A woodchuck has dug a huge hole under the backside of my garage. I’m concerned about the damage it’s causing to my garage. What’s the best way to remove the animal from my property?

    Woodchucks are also known as groundhogs and are the largest members of the squirrel family. Woodchucks are burrowing animals and can dig tunnels up to 30 feet long. Woodchucks will eat just about any kind of plant or flower. They particularly like tomatoes, fruit or any ground growing vegetable.

    If a woodchuck is destroying your property, you have the legal right to remove it. In your case, you can try using a live trap to remove the woodchuck from under your garage. Live traps can be purchased for at least $20 at some hardware stores or lawn and garden centers. Bait the trap with fruit or vegetables. Place the trap alongside the hole where the woodchuck is living. Once the woodchuck is trapped, you can relocate it to a wildlife area. Do not release the live woodchuck in another part of the neighborhood. Otherwise the woodchuck may become someone else’s problem.

    It is important to fill in the hole once the woodchuck has been removed. Many other animals like opossums, snakes and other woodchucks will take advantage of an empty burrow.

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