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White Mushrooms

  • There are huge white mushrooms popping up in my yard that I’ve never seen before. What are they and will they hurt my lawn?

    With the recent rains many types of mushrooms are popping up in our yards. Most likely the huge white mushrooms are a type of fairy ring mushroom called Chlorophyllum. These mushrooms have caps that can reach up to 12 inches across. Chlorophyllum is common in the summer and fall in lawns and other grassy areas. They are nature’s recyclers and will not harm your lawn. Mushrooms help break down and decompose dead plant material. This mushroom is poisonous and should be avoided. You should always use extreme caution before collecting and consuming any mushroom. Many types of edible mushrooms look very similar to poisonous ones. A great guide to help you identify mushrooms in Iowa is a publication titled "Mushrooms and Other Related Fungi". This publication is available at your local county extension office.

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