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Free Resources

Animal Trunk

We have several nature trunks and teaching materials available for educators to check out.

  • Trunks may be checked out for a two week period free of charge.
  • All resources are free and require pick-up at Jester Park unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • Please call at least one week in advance to reserve these materials.
  • Call 515-323-5339.

Animal Trunk: Watch out, this trunk is wild! We managed to cram amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals all in the same trunk. The trunk is filled with furs, skulls, books, posters, and a teaching guide.

Insect Trunk: This trunk is full of those six-legged critters we call insects. Real (non-living) insects, big plastic insects, books, posters, and videos are just a few of the things you’ll find in this creepy crawly trunk.

Prairie Trunk: Open this trunk to get a glimpse of what Iowa used to look like! This trunk is as diverse as the prairie itself. Your students will get a chance to look at real samples of prairie grasses, feel furs of animals that once roamed Iowa, and learn why this incredible habitat has almost vanished.

EnviroScape: EnviroScape is a desktop model which demonstrates point and non-point source pollution as well as pollution prevention in a watershed. The EnviroScape includes a 65-page user's guide. The model is easy to clean and the materials come in a lightweight case.

Fishing Poles: Take your students fishing! Polk County Conservation Board has over 80 poles to be used. A $10 deposit fee will be required per rack (eight poles per rack) If more than 5 racks are checked out, a deposit fee of $50 will be required. If all poles are returned without tangled lines or broken reels, the deposit will be returned.

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