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Get Outside Videocasts

These videocasts will inform viewers how to have fun exploring Central Iowa’s great outdoors. They were produced by Polk County Conservation and funded by the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program or REAP-CEP.


Learn how to have fun exploring Central Iowa’s great outdoors though 18 different outdoor adventures.

The last “Get Outside” episode. Heidi thanks REAP-CEP for funding the project and then has a laugh as she looks back at all the shots that went wrong.

Ty Smedes, a professional nature photographer, gives Heidi a few tips on how to get started capturing the outdoors on film.

Join Heidi as she paddles around a beautiful pond and discusses some canoeing basics.

Join Heidi as she rides the Chichaqua Valley Trail.

Find out why gardening with native plants is so beneficial for wildlife and the environment.

Join Heidi and her family on a camping trip to Thomas Mitchell Park.

Join Heidi as she hikes through Ledges State Park in search of a few of Iowa’s spring wildflowers.

Learn what geocaching is and why it’s a great way to get people outdoors.

Naturalist Heidi will explain some of the basic equipment you'll need to get started ice fishing.

Discover why cross-country skiing is an excellent way to enjoy the winter season.

Learn why snowshoeing is the most popular winter sport in America.

Follow Naturalist Heidi as she paddles her way through the Skunk River Oxbows in Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt.

Learn about Polk County’s hottest fishing spot on the east side of Des Moines.

Discover why horseback riding can be a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing way to unwind.

Step outside your backyard and into Jester Park to view migrating birds.

Hiking is a popular activity any time of the year, but learn why fall is an exceptional time to take a stroll through the woods.

Join Naturalist Heidi on a pheasant hunt at one of the largest county owned parks in Iowa.

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