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Barred owl

Owls are an impressive and unique group of birds that can be found throughout Iowa. As many as ten species can be found in Iowa with the most commonly encountered species being the barred owl, screech owl, and great horned owl. Other less common owls include the short-eared owl, long-eared owl, great gray owl, snowy owl, northern saw-whet owl, burrowing owl, and barn owl.

These nocturnal (nighttime) birds of prey typically prefer woodland habitats but can also be found in areas where trees are mixed with open grassy fields. Owls are difficult to view since they rest during daylight hours, but can be heard at night calling to their mates or neighbors. If you learn to imitate the calls of owls or play a recording of them you can sometimes get them to respond. Visit one of our parks at sunset to try this fun activity.


  • OwlPages.com - This site has everything you've ever wanted to know about owls. It even contains additional links to owl websites.

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