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Fun in the Snow

This podcast was produced by Polk County Conservation and funded by Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education program or REAP-CEP.

Hi, I’m Heidi Anderson, Naturalist with Polk County Conservation. Do you have a bad case of the winter blues? Yeah, it’s cold, but if you dress appropriately and stay active you will be warm and toasty. So, how can you have fun outdoors during an Iowa winter? Well, there’s always the obvious, going sledding, building a snow fort, or having a snowball fight. For the more adventurous types, try skiing.

Cross-country skiing is a great way to exercise in the winter. Cross country skiing burns more calories per hour than any other sport because you are working almost every muscle in your body. Learning how to cross-country ski is as easy as walking. Skiing on groomed trails is often easier for beginners. Polk County Conservation grooms ski trails at Jester Park and Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt

Many people enjoy ice fishing because it’s a great way to extend the fishing experience through the entire year. Because of the ice, you have greater access to potential fishing hot spots. Ice fishing can be fun and challenging because you never know what you might catch. Several Polk County Conservation areas like Jester Park, Easter Lake, and Fort Des Moines offer great ice fishing opportunities. And remember; always check the ice conditions before going out.

One of the things I love about spending time outdoors in winter is it is so peaceful. The parks are quieter and whether it’s seeing animal tracks in the snow or listening to birds sing, you have an opportunity to enjoy and become a part of the winter landscape. Try something new and explore your parks this winter.

This podcast was funded by REAP-CEP which is a program the State of Iowa invests in to enhance and protect the state's natural and cultural resources. REAP provides money for projects through state agency budgets or in the form of grants. For more information about REAP, visit iowareap.com.

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