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Rain Gardens

Did you know that 50% of the pollution in our lakes and rivers is washed in by storm water? Storm water runoff is unfiltered water that reaches streams and lakes by flowing across paved or hard surfaces like roads, parking lots, driveways, and roofs. One way to slow down storm water runoff is to build and install a rain garden in your yard.


Rain gardens are landscaped perennial gardens planted with native plants that soak up rain water from your roof, driveway and lawn. These gardens allow 30 percent more water to soak in the ground compared to a conventional lawn. Holding back this runoff prevents pollutants from entering storm drains and eventually streams and rivers. The chances of flooding and erosion to stream banks are lessened by the reduced amount of water that enters storm drains. Plus, rain gardens add natural beauty and habitat to your yard.

A rain garden should be located in a low spot where water naturally drains. Water from a down spout should flow into the rain garden. The middle of the rain garden will hold water during a heavy rain so the runoff can soak into the ground. For additional information about rain gardens, visit these links:

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