Polk County Conservation

Special Event Application

For events that will require additional planning (i.e. weddings, company activities, bike/race events) a Special Event Application shall be required prior to 45 days of the scheduled event. An application may be downloaded here or picked up at our main office. We encourage you to contact the Park Ranger/Manager in the park your event is planned to answer any questions you may have. Contacts are listed below:

  • Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt: James Dotzler (515) 249 -0702
  • Fort Des Moines Park & Easter Lake Park: Dean Bruscher (515) 249-1543
  • Jester Park: David Weidt (515) 249-3229
  • Thomas Mitchell Park & Mally's Weh-Weh-Neh-Kee Park: Brian Herrstrom (515) 249-1753
  • Yellow Banks Park: Charlie Finch (515) 250-1031

A Vendor Application form must be completed for anyone wishing to use public managed lands for programs, services or other benefits that may be allowed by permit.

Click here to access this form.

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